What is a Lead Magnet Anyway?

Okay, you’ve written the book, started the business, created the course, built your website, and you’re impatiently awaiting your first sale. But wait, does anyone even know what I have to offer? Are clients going to fall from the sky? Um, no.

Now that you’ve created some buzz around your business/product, it’s time to start collecting the email addresses of potential clients or leads, as they are sometimes called. First, of course, you’ll have to offer them something free in exchange for it. That’s where the lead magnet comes in. It is a free resource that you use to attract your ideal customers and converts them to paying customers. That’s what makes it such an essential part of your marketing strategy.

There are many forms of lead magnets, but they all have these things in common:

  • They are FREE.

  • They are tied to your business/niche.

  • Valuable, helpful, and informative.

  • They can be used right away.

Why Your Business Needs A Lead Magnet

To generate leads, you must have a lead magnet, Period. There’s no getting around it. No matter your business, if you want to attract clients online, this is where you must start. Email is very personal; no one will give you their address without getting something they deem valuable. For example, you come across a blog post from a bakery that is talking about new Christmas cookie recipes they will be trying out this year. In the end, It asks you to sign up to get updates. Are you eager to join, or would you be more inclined to participate if they offered a free PDF download with delicious cookie recipes? Exactly…option two is much more appealing, and you get your download right away, so you can start making those delicious cookies!

So, What Makes a Good Lead Magnet?

Now that you know how crucial a lead magnet is for marketing your business use these tips to create a killer freebie that will keep your email list growing! Your lead magnet should:

  • Solve one of your avatar’s problems. It’s pointless if it doesn’t.

  • It helps them easily and quickly achieve one thing.

  • Be specifically related to your niche/product/offer.

  • Be easily consumable, e.g., a checklist or tip sheet.

  • Be valuable.

  • Highlights your expertise.

  • Immediately available.

If your lead magnet has these qualities, you already have a jump start on converting those leads into paying customers!

Here are some examples to get you started:

  • The Checklist: Everyone loves a good checklist, and they’re super easy to create.

  • The Cheat sheet: It’s almost like a checklist, but they give the user steps to follow to solve a problem.

  • A Template: This is one of my favorites! Entrepreneurs are busy, allowing you to copy and paste your content in minutes!

  • A Planner: These are great for busy people who want to organize something in their life/business.

  • Webinars: Live webinars have a high value and create a sense of urgency since they usually happen once, and people don’t want to miss out.

Of course, these are just a few examples of what a lead magnet is and what it can do for your business, and you’ll need to find the one that serves your audience the best.

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