The first step to changing the way you experience life is to change how you think and speak about yourself; your mind will lie to you and have you believing that you are unworthy of greatness. Fear chains you to the past and affects how you see yourself, which ultimately keeps you from moving forward in your life.

Where you are and where you go in your life are both determined by your mindset. Do you have a growth mindset and beliefs? Or is your way of thinking that of a fixed mindset? Do you believe that you can grow and thrive no matter the circumstances? Or do you think lack and struggle will always be a part of your life, no matter the circumstances? Your success depends on how you show up for yourself.

It’s easy to say you want things to be different, but if you constantly mistreat yourself and think negatively, nothing will change, and you’ll stay stuck in that thought pattern. While the first step to becoming an entrepreneur is finding a profitable business idea, the foundation of entrepreneurial success rests in a growth mindset. A good idea can take you only so far; you must be clear about who you are, what it is you want, and what you’ll do to make it happen. Determining to stop at nothing to achieve your goals will get you straight to the finish line. That’s where the Triple-A Mindset comes into play.

What is the Triple-A Mindset?

To understand this way of thinking, you must first get an idea of where it originated. Two types of mindsets determine your level of success in every area of your life: a growth mindset and a fixed mindset. When you have the mindset of abundance and growth, your thoughts are empowering and encourage you to go after your dreams. For example, you say, “I can learn anything I want to,” or “When I fail, I learn.” Not only should you think these thoughts, but you must also believe them. Get into the habit of speaking encouraging words to yourself, and carry yourself powerfully. Abundance will flow to you effortlessly because you can only attract goodness toward yourself.

On the other hand, a lack mindset will tell you, “When I’m frustrated, I just give up,” or “If I succeed, people will look at me differently, and I don’t want to stand out.” This way of thinking keeps you struggling and wishing you could move forward. On the other hand, the Triple-A Mindset is one of growth and will lead you to prosperity.


Acknowledge: Here, you are acknowledging the thoughts and actions that need to be changed to experience the success you desire in your business and personal life. You have admitted you recognize that a change is necessary and are willing to do what it takes to make that change happen.

Accept: To see real change and move away from the lack mindset, you must take full responsibility for where you are in your life and the actions or inaction that got you there. Accept that you are in this space but know it’s not permanent. Part of that acceptance is knowing that you will need some assistance along the path to your purpose.

Ask: Now that you have acknowledged and accepted that there is work you must put in so that you can grow into the next part of your assignment, it’s time to ask for guidance. Getting direction from people in the space you want to be in and doing what you want is the best way to get the tools you need to help you grow. But, you must send the invitation and be prepared to receive what you ask. That’s why you must be intentional with your thoughts and actions; you must ensure that the coach or mentor you find has your best interest in mind when they agree to work with you.

The Mindset of the Successful Entrepreneur

Always reaches higher, focuses on the up-sell, and knows how to make $1 out of 15 cents.

Prepares an elevator speech and recites it to anyone willing to listen.

Values the power of marketing and sticks to proven marketing tactics; knows the power of effective marketing and markets whether the business is booming or in a rut.

Believes in the ability to achieve the best and constantly pushes beyond comfort zones for the good of the business.

Believes customer service is just as important as promoting and providing quality products and services.

A problem-solver who doesn’t hesitate to do whatever is needed to get the results.

Keeps moving when things are slow and quickly goes on to the next thing to improve the business.

Values money and the energy that surrounds it. Yet, knows there must be giving to receive abundance in life and business.

Implements ideas into an existing business plan to increase revenue and customer service.

Have the courage to confront issues with a calm attitude and firm intent. Notices everything and handles all confrontations with class.

The Mindset of the Unsuccessful Entrepreneur

Believes that good enough is good enough, and a dollar in revenue is better than no revenue.

Embarrassed to celebrate micro wins and often downplays business complexity and skills.

Markets only when business is slow. Would rather cut corners and believes there are shortcuts to success. When business is booming, marketing expenses become unnecessary.

Allows low self-esteem issues and emotional overwhelm to carry over into business leadership and causes marketing, networking, public perception, and revenue to take a hit. As a result, doesn’t show up as the boss and has limited progress because there is a feeling of being unworthy of success and a better life.

Afraid to take chances and rarely invests in oneself or the business.

Easily cracks under pressure when the hard times come knocking.

Doesn’t trust intuition and takes advice from the wrong people before acting.

Puts ideas on the back burner until business brings in more money.

Afraid of failure but operated from a lack mentality.

An abundant mindset, a willingness to succeed, and take risks for your business are the foundation for reaching and maintaining higher profits. Changing the lack or limited perspective and following that of the successful entrepreneur, you’ll experience the business you’ve been dreaming about while bringing in revenue for yourself instead of breaking your back for someone else’s vision.

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