Keep Drilling: A Lesson from Kenya

I’ve encountered countless inspiring stories in my journey, and I’m thrilled to share a recent
experience that left a profound mark on me during my trip to Kenya in September 2023. This
story embodies the essence of resilience, unity, and unwavering determination.

As part of our mission trip, one of our initiatives centered around supporting the installation of a
vital water pump in a distant village located in Mombasa, Kenya. This village grappled with a
significant and urgent problem – the absence of convenient access to clean water. Every day, the
residents undertook arduous journeys, covering miles to obtain this essential resource, a
necessity often overlooked in more fortunate parts of the world. Also, this village was situated
within a predominantly Muslim community, while our contributions were channeled through the
Christian bishop with whom we collaborated to bring about this transformational project.

Initially, things appeared to be going smoothly. The drilling process began according to
schedule, and there was hope that the project would be completed as planned. However, as the
drilling crew descended to a certain depth, they encountered an enormous rock blocking their
access to the water source below. It became clear that without breaking through this obstacle,
access to the much-needed water would remain a distant dream.

The crew valiantly attempted to penetrate the rock, but it proved relentless, breaking multiple
drill bits in the process. Frustration and disappointment loomed large with each broken drill bit.
Even after replacing seven additional bits, that formidable rock remained unyielding, standing
between the village and its water supply. The situation seemed dire. It was a moment of panic
and uncertainty. Yet, it was also a moment of profound realization.

The bishop recognized that this challenge transcended the physical realm; it was a test of faith
and unity. He made a bold decision to bring his people together for 24 hours of fasting and
prayer, seeking divine intervention. What followed was nothing short of remarkable.
Unexpectedly, the Muslim community in the village joined hands with the Christians, standing

together in prayer for a miracle and a breakthrough. It was a powerful testament to the unifying
force of shared purpose and human compassion.
After the 24 hours of collective prayer, they acquired yet another drill bit and resumed
their efforts. As they lowered the borehole into the well, something incredible happened. The
unyielding rock, which had thwarted their efforts multiple times, shattered, and water gushed
forth, filling the hearts of the villagers with hope and gratitude.

From this extraordinary experience, we can draw several profound lessons:

  1. Keep Drilling: In life, obstacles may appear impossible, but persistence pays off. Keep
    pushing forward, even when the going gets tough because progress results from hard work.
  2. Keep Drilling: Setbacks are not failures but opportunities for growth and course
    correction. Embrace them as valuable lessons on your path to success.
  3. Keep Drilling: Consistency breeds resilience. The determination to keep going, even in
    the face of adversity can lead to breakthroughs that transform your journey.
  4. Keep Drilling: The person who holds the key to your elevation may come from
    unexpected places. Embrace diversity and collaboration; you never know who will join
    you on your path to upward mobility.
  5. Keep Drilling: Resistance eventually weakens, making way for blessings to overflow.
    Trust that your unwavering efforts will yield abundant rewards.

This story from Kenya serves as a reminder to remain steadfast in pursuit, as even the toughest
challenges can be overcome. It’s a testament to the power of faith, perseverance, and the human
spirit to overcome any obstacle to victory.

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