What I learned on my visit to Caye Caulker, Belize

I just returned from one of the most inspiring vacations I have ever taken. My sister and I visited one of the tiniest islands off the coast of Belize, called Caye Caulker. We wanted to choose a vacation spot to honor our Mom this year. She passed away 26 years ago on my birthday; coincidentally, my sister was born on her birthday in October, so we intentionally chose to celebrate her life together on an island during their birth month.

Caye Caulker is 5 miles long and less than a mile wide, and you can walk from top to bottom in less than an hour. The roads are made of packed sand, and their modes of transportation are golf carts, bicycles, and feet. By all American standards, this is a poor third-world country, but I saw a group of people that are rich in mindset.

Their way of living is simple yet beautiful. Clean air – no exhaust from motor vehicles; white sand beaches without pollutants; the incredible Caribbean Sea breeze that warps your skin like a fragranced blanket; and food that has none of the additives and chemicals that are included in the ingredients you see on the packages in the US. For seven days, I had no indigestion and no joint pain.

The mindset of these natives is what blew me away. No one cared about what you wore on your back or feet or your designers purses or sunglasses. They lived their lives in peaceful harmony while using every talent, gift, skill, and purpose they were blessed with to support, sustain, and create commerce within their eco-system.


So the fishermen bring in the fresh catch, the skilled cooks have street-side businesses and restaurants, the teachers are in the school system, the nurses work in either of the two clinics, and the creatives draw, paint and make crafts for the tourism industry, etc. I saw every person contributing to the success of that tiny community as they used what they have in their hands – and when asked if they would consider their community poor; their answer was, “Poor is a state of mind, and in our minds, we are wealthy because we have each other.” WOW!


So what is your mindset saying to you? Do you think you are rich because you know that your gifts, talent, skills, abilities, and life lessons will make room for you? Or are you still wondering what you are purposed to do and how to make that purpose work for you?


During the September Books2Business Challenge, I discussed the upcoming Power of the Pen Retreat and talked about momentum. Here is what I know from being in the workforce/business space over the last 40 years. MOMENTUM is that giant wave that surfers use to propel them into excellence.

M = Movement

O = Opportunity

M = Mission

E = Execute

N = Now

T = Time-sensitive

U = Understanding

M = Motivated


With that said, do not let this MOMENTUM pass you by. We want to invite you to experience the POWER of what God will do at the Power of The Pen Retreat. I desire you to create a sustainable life for yourself and your family that will leave a legacy. So I am giving you the opportunity to purchase a General Retreat ticket as a two-for-one deal. This means you pay for one ticket and bring a friend along for free.


There is nothing like partnerships and accountability when doing something new. All you need to do is put their name and email address in the ticket section so we can send them their login information and Retreat agenda. Here is the link for the tickets www.victoriousyoupress.com/retreat


This is a last-chance advantage as this is only valid until Wednesday, November 2nd, at 11.59 pm. The General Conference starts on Friday, Nov 4th at 9 am.


If you are interested in the VIP ticket, we also still have those available, and the VIP day is Thursday, Nov 3rd starting at Noon.


Listen, I want to walk hand in hand with you through this process, and time is of the essence

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